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Speculative fever

Tulip mania is a subject that has always intrigued economists. Was it a speculative bubble? Was it the first such bubble? Be that as it may, this speculative crisis has generated much discussion.

John Law: Financial genius or charlatan?

In the National Bank’s museum there are two old banknotes: paper inscribed with black letters and numbers on a simple white background. Made by the Imprimerie Royale, watermarked Billet de Banque.

The stock market: from the ‘Ter Buerse’ inn to Wall Street

Last year the economic crisis hit us all. Stock markets, too, had a tough time. Both the American and the European markets felt the pain, and the Bel 20 index plummeted. The Fortis share, initially thought to be stable, went into free-fall. Nowadays, the stock market is a familiar concept, but where, when and how did share trading actually begin?