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Rue du Bois sauvage

The street where the NBB used to have its entrance, and where the museum is now located, has an unusual name. Is it a reference to the neighbouring Sonian Forest? Or is there another explanation for this place name? Enough reason to investigate the question in this edition of “Spotlight”.

The Bossuet tapestries at the National Bank of Belgium

The Museum of the National Bank of Belgium, located in the Bank’s original building in the rue du Bois Sauvage, still houses a number of original elements well visible to visitors. This time, attention is drawn to the picturesque tapestries in the General Meeting of Shareholders’ room.

The Museum’s façade

Before looking at the Bank’s oldest façade in detail, a few more words on the Hôtel of the Governor itself. The Old French word, “hôtel” has been used since the 18th century to signify the urban residence, temporary or permanent, of a person of high rank, in this case the Governor of the National Bank of Belgium. The statutes of the Bank stipulated that the Governor should live in the capital; in return, the Bank was to be responsible for the cost of furnishing and maintaining his town residence.