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The NBB’s Museum nominated for the Museum Prize

If you appreciate the work done by the NBB Museum team and would like to help it along, don’t hesitate to vote for us. All you have to do is click the “votez pour moi” button, select “Bruxelles” and “Musée de la Banque nationale de Belgique”.

New educational pack

An updated and expanded version of the educational museum pack is from now on available in Dutch and in French. It can be downloaded from the Museum’s website in the sections ‘Lerarenkamer’ (NL) or ‘Salle des profs’ (FR)

And what does Chen Zhaoxi think about the Museum?

Museum Talks is a project of the Brussels Museum Council. The museums of Brussels receive visitors from countries all over the world, and about 140 of them made a comment about their favorite object in their favorite museum. You can share their enthusiastic view on these objects in 25 languages by listening to www.museumtalks.be.

It is also summer holidays for your wallet!

As summer holidays are approaching loads of activities are possible: spending a few days by the seaside, making a trip abroad, taking time to renovate your house… At the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium, summer holidays mean free entrance for everybody during the months of July and August!

The Museum’s façade

Before looking at the Bank’s oldest façade in detail, a few more words on the Hôtel of the Governor itself. The Old French word, “hôtel” has been used since the 18th century to signify the urban residence, temporary or permanent, of a person of high rank, in this case the Governor of the National Bank of Belgium. The statutes of the Bank stipulated that the Governor should live in the capital; in return, the Bank was to be responsible for the cost of furnishing and maintaining his town residence.

The Compagnie des Bronzes and lighting at the Hôtel of the Governor

On 5 May 1850, King Leopold I gave royal assent to the bill providing for the creation of the National Bank. After being located initially in the rue Royale, the Bank decided in 1859 to construct its new headquarters in the rue du Bois Sauvage on the north side of the collegiate church of Saint Michael and Saint Gudula.