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Out of the attic and into the museum – showcasing our collections

Following the Museum’s temporary move to boulevard de Berlaimont, the decision was taken to showcase certain items from the collection that fit best into the new museum space or which had simply not yet been shown to the public.

Reopening of the temporary Museum!

After a few months of waiting and hard work, we are pleased to announce the opening of the Temporary Museum.

Five pigs? One drum, please!

The National Bank Museum has two drums in its collection. Acquired from South-East Asia, the objects were regarded by some indigenous communities as the most highly valued means of payment.

The royal portrait in our wallet

Royalty are the only Belgians to have been honoured by being depicted on a coin or banknote during their lifetime, so it is high time we took a close look at the royal portrait in this edition of ‘Spotlight’.

(Nederlands) Op zoek naar de kip met de gouden eieren in het Museum van de Nationale Bank

(Nederlands) De zomermaanden staan voor de deur. Dat betekent dat het museum zijn deuren opnieuw opengooit voor kleine schattenjagers en hun ouders. Voor deze editie liet het museumteam de kip met de gouden eieren los in het museum.

Museum NBB: beavering away at the collection Commodity money

The Museum of the National Bank of Belgium recently came into possession of a number of items which can be categorized as Commodity money. Shell money from Papua New Guinea, knife money from China, axe- and wheel money from Europe, all relics from a more or less distant past where notes and coins were not yet common.

It is also summer holidays for your wallet!

As summer holidays are approaching loads of activities are possible: spending a few days by the seaside, making a trip abroad, taking time to renovate your house… At the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium, summer holidays mean free entrance for everybody during the months of July and August!

(Nederlands) Speciaal voor het basisonderwijs

(Nederlands) Bent u op zoek naar een laatste interessante uitstap met uw leerlingen alvorens van een welverdiende grote vakantie te genieten?
Dan is een bezoek aan het Museum van de Nationale Bank in hartje Brussel beslist een aanrader!

The Dynasty series of Belgian franc notes

For the month of November, this latest edition of the Museum’s Object of the Month turns its attention to a very specific series of Belgian banknotes: the Dynasty series, issued just after the Second World War.

Money games

Card money first made its appearance in the various French and Dutch overseas colonies at the end of the 17th century where it existed as a form of “emergency money”. This “Object of the Month” focuses on these rare cards, the existence of which was often rather short-lived.