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Marcel Rau: a versatile artist

Walking from Brussels Central Station to the National Bank of Belgium’s Temporary Museum, you can’t fail to notice round sculptures dotting the walls on both sides of the National Bank of Belgium’s head offices. Depicting a variety of occupations, these sculpted roundels are the work of Marcel Rau, the artist tasked with the decorative aspect of the new premises built after the Second World War.

Humming of bees in the museum

In the next few years the National Bank building, dating from the 19th century, will undergo a major transformation.

Out of the attic and into the museum – showcasing our collections

Following the Museum’s temporary move to boulevard de Berlaimont, the decision was taken to showcase certain items from the collection that fit best into the new museum space or which had simply not yet been shown to the public.

Marcel Van Goethem: the National Bank’s 20th century Beyaert

As you maybe already know, a new museum will shortly be opening its doors on the boulevard de Berlaimont. February’s Spotlight/Object of the Month is therefore being dedicated to the building that will house it and to the work of its architect, Marcel Van Goethem.

The last half-franc coin

Minting coins is a royal prerogative in Belgium and that’s why it is done in the Royal Belgian Mint. So, from 1832 onwards, most coins have featured the portrait of the Belgian sovereign. But in 1952, a bronze 50-centime coin was struck on which the head of a mine worker was depicted. The miner on the half-franc coin is looking to the left and is wearing a leather helmet on his head. On the right-hand side of the coin, there is a burning coal miner’s lamp.