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New 2-euro commemorative coin on display in the Museum

To mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the European Monetary Institute (EMI), the Royal Mint of Belgium decided to mint a commemorative coin of two euros bearing the effigy of its first president, Baron Alexandre Lamfalussy. The coin was officially unveiled on May 9, 2019 -Europe Day- in the presence of Finance Minister […]

Europe Day, 6 May 2017

This Saturday 6th May, the European quarter will be celebrated. On the occasion of the Europe day, the EU institutions in Brussels open their doors to the public.

The new 50 euro note is here at last!

Following the arrival of the 5, 10 and 20 euro notes from the new series, it is the turn of the 50 euro note to reach our wallets.

Let the Games begin! New medals for the Olympic Games in Rio

2488! This is how many medals there are to win for athletes, over all disciplines, during the Olympic Games. The medals, commonly made of gold, silver or bronze, are the most sustainable ones in the Games’ history.

New €50 banknote unveiled

On Tuesday 5 July 2016, the design of the new €50 note was revealed. It will start circulating on the 4 April 2017; the printing works of the National Bank run therefore already at full speed.

Celebrating Europe Day, 28 May 2016

The Museum of the National Bank will participate in Europe Day 2016.

The new €20 banknote has arrived

There it is. A new denomination has been added to the Europa Series: € 20. Issued on the 25 November 2015, the new € 20 banknote is subject to a new display at the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium.

Belgium’s founding fathers of €urope

Since 1 January 2002, Belgium has been using a common currency now shared by eighteen other countries: the euro. The historical event marked by that date is an integral part of the history of European integration. It is thanks to the will of a few forward-looking statesmen from different countries with visions of peace and unity that the idea of a European Union could be taken forward to actually become a reality and ultimately lead to the single currency. In this month’s “Spotlight”, we take a closer look at Belgian figureheads who have played key roles – to a greater or lesser extent – in both the process of European integration and the establishment of the euro.

A new book on euronotes

On 25 November 2015, the euro area will be welcoming the third new banknote from the Europa series: after the €5 and €10 notes comes the €20. This gives us a good opportunity to linger over the recent history of the development of euro banknotes. In The First Euros: the Creation and Issue of the First Euro Banknotes and the Road to the Europa Series, our Museum library’s latest acquisition, he Finn Antti Heinonen describes how the first series came about and the long road to the second series aan de hand van eigen ervaringen on the basis of his own experience.

Pointillism in the digital era: Robert Silvers’ photomosaic

Anyone who has visited the Temporary Museum must have noticed a gigantic 500-euro banknote there. This banknote appeals to one’s imagination, as it measures 1.20 metres in height and 2.30 metres in width. When standing closer, you can see that it consists of thousands of other banknotes.