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Belgian emergency money from the First World War : sequel

In 2013, the museum uploaded his entire collection of Belgian emergency banknotes and coins from the First World War. Recently, it has been completed with some new acquisitions from Ghent, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek and Zingem.

Money can’t buy happiness

A display case in Room 3 of the National Bank’s Temporary Museum contains a small painting depicting a wealthy man frightened by a skeleton playing a musical instrument. Nearby you can see an emergency banknote featuring skeletons dancing. What was the reason for depicting such macabre scenes on banknotes, and what is the connection between the painting and money? Find out in this edition of “Spotlight”!

Centenary of the Great War: the National Bank in wartime

This edition of ‘Spotlight’ describes what happened to the National Bank during the Great War.

Emergency money

The museum moves with the times and introduces a novel way to consult our collections. In the showcase containing emergency money you will notice a QR code to access our online catalogue of the Belgian emergency money of the First World War. Out with those smartphones!

Money games

Card money first made its appearance in the various French and Dutch overseas colonies at the end of the 17th century where it existed as a form of “emergency money”. This “Object of the Month” focuses on these rare cards, the existence of which was often rather short-lived.

Emergency money

Everybody knows probably the stories about butter and eggs which have been smuggled from the countryside to the city during the war. But how were these butter and eggs paid for?