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Economics within everyone’s reach at La Villette

To help people to gain a better understanding of the set-up of economic mechanisms, the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris is holding a temporary exhibition under the banner of “L’économie: krach, boom, mue ?”.

The stock market: from the ‘Ter Buerse’ inn to Wall Street

Last year the economic crisis hit us all. Stock markets, too, had a tough time. Both the American and the European markets felt the pain, and the Bel 20 index plummeted. The Fortis share, initially thought to be stable, went into free-fall. Nowadays, the stock market is a familiar concept, but where, when and how did share trading actually begin?

The money changer’s bench

One may wonder why the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium placed a wooden table right in the centre of the main exhibition hall where the history of money is told. The answer is quite simple, the bench belonged to a money changer. The owner of the bench did not only change money, as his profession might suggest, he also acted as a banker. Money changers found their way to the cities of the Low Countries in the Late Middle Ages. If you only think about the enormous variety of coins in circulation, it becomes quite obvious money changers played an important role in the economic life of a medieval citizen.