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The University of Maastricht visits the Museum

As part of the ‘Financial Market Reform in the European Union’ summer program, organized by the University of Maastricht, the Museum welcomed prof. David Cleeton, expert authority in Political Economy of the European Union of Illinois State University, and his students.

Money That Goes Up In Smoke

Since being discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, tobacco has become a significant feature of our society. While its detrimental effects on health are now well-known, it was initially regarded as a medicine before becoming a symbol of freedom and a life style represented, for example, by the famous Marlboro cowboy. What many people don’t know is that tobacco was used as a means of payment at various times in history ….

10 answers on the economic crisis in Europe: new publication from the European Commission.

This teaching booklet, designed for 17 year olds and more, tackles some often complex economic concepts in ten questions.

Key dates of the financial crisis (since December 2005)

Interested in finding out more about the worldwide economic and financial crisis?

Assignats: currency from the French Revolution

It’s written in the history book: printing more money has never solved an economic crisis.

John Law: Financial genius or charlatan?

In the National Bank’s museum there are two old banknotes: paper inscribed with black letters and numbers on a simple white background. Made by the Imprimerie Royale, watermarked Billet de Banque.

Everybody a billionaire?!

The Museum of the National Bank of Belgium has several inflationary notes on display. The most remarkable ones are the 500 billion dinar note of former Yugoslavia and that of 1 million trillion Hungarian pengö (or 1 followed by 18 noughts!).