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Coin production through the ages: casting, and manual or mechanical hammering

Coins gradually came into use for everyday transactions from 700 BC onwards. Nowadays, we cannot imagine being without them. They are recognised as a means of payment in virtually all cultures. This month we are therefore putting the “Spotlight” on coin production.

Counterfeiting through the ages

Counterfeiting is a perennial fact of life. Even in the days before coins came into use, people were faking the current means of payment; and shortly after the first coins were produced in the seventh century BC, the first forgeries also turned up.

A Nazi Counterfeit in the National Bank

The object we present you this month is a note you would not expect in the National Bank. It is indeed the only false note in the Museum’s showcases. To understand its presence, we have to dig into Europe’s past, in the history of World War II to be precise. This note is part of one of the most important forgeries ever set up and this counterfeiting was engineered by Nazi Germany.