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(Nederlands) Educatief spel over de Eerste Wereldoorlog

(Nederlands) De herdenking van 100 jaar oorlog is ook het Tijdelijk Museum van de Nationale Bank niet ontgaan. Vanaf november 2015 kunnen leerlingen van het 5de en 6de middelbaar zich inleven in de dagelijkse strijd die de Brusselse bevolking moest voeren om te overleven tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog.

The Brussels Hoard finally investigated!

During the demolition of the inn A l’Assaut in the rue d’Assaut in 1908, some workers discovered a chest full of silver coins, dating from the 13th century.

Rue du Bois sauvage

The street where the NBB used to have its entrance, and where the museum is now located, has an unusual name. Is it a reference to the neighbouring Sonian Forest? Or is there another explanation for this place name? Enough reason to investigate the question in this edition of “Spotlight”.

Each event its own coin.

Since 2004, the countries belonging to the Eurosystem have received, from the European Council, the right to mint commemorative 2€-coins, but only once a year and one per country. These coins are legal tender in the whole euro area. They are struck to commemorate historic or current events of a specific importance.

Henri Beyaert (1823-1894)

Henri Beyaert was one of the most influential architects that Belgium has ever known. With prestigious projects such as the Petit Sablon park and the Concert Noble in Brussels or Tournai station, he became decidedly famous. However, the reason for this portrait lies in his designs for the National Bank, especially the Bank’s Hotel in Brussels, the building in which the museum is housed, and the Antwerp branch of the Bank, depicted next to him on the banknote.