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Invisible women: portrayal of women on Belgian banknotes

Thinking of the Belgian franc, one would most probably remember a banknote bearing the portrait of Magritte or Mercator. These historic characters acted as ambassadors for Belgium. Women were never in the running when it came to selecting people to feature on Belgian banknotes.

The new € 10 banknote will be released soon!

The new € 10 banknote will be unveiled on 13 January 2014. Those who are too curious can already discover its security features by an online game.

The royal portrait in our wallet

Royalty are the only Belgians to have been honoured by being depicted on a coin or banknote during their lifetime, so it is high time we took a close look at the royal portrait in this edition of ‘Spotlight’.

The last series of Belgian franc banknotes

This month, the Spotlight focuses on the last series of Belgian franc banknotes. Indeed, although some people still convert euros to francs, the notes themselves often seem to have been forgotten already.

New series of banknotes based on European mythology

On 2 May 2013, a new 5 euro note will be placed in circulation. This will be the first stage in the issuing of the “Europa” series.

The Belgian emergency notes of World War I are now online!

The Museum of the National Bank of Belgium posesses more than 4500 originals of Belgian emergency notes of World War I . With the centenary of this conflict coming up, it has put the collection online.

The Dynasty series of Belgian franc notes

For the month of November, this latest edition of the Museum’s Object of the Month turns its attention to a very specific series of Belgian banknotes: the Dynasty series, issued just after the Second World War.

Biography of a banknote

We are all very familiar with banknotes because we handle them every day. whether sitting in our pockets, tucked away in wallets or just an entry in our bank accounts, they are part of day-to-day life. But, at the end of the day, we really know very little about them. Who makes them, for instance? Who decides when and where they go into circulation? How long do they last? What happens to a banknote at the end of its life? To mark the tenth anniversary of the arrival of euro banknotes, the new “in the Spotlight” takes a look at the life of this all-too- familiar means of payment.

Designing the Euro banknotes

Today, more than nine years after €-Day, when the fiduciary euro was put into circulation, the design of euro banknotes has been is only of secondary importance. But deciding what the new banknotes should look like was actually a very long drawn-out process.

Counterfeiting through the ages

Counterfeiting is a perennial fact of life. Even in the days before coins came into use, people were faking the current means of payment; and shortly after the first coins were produced in the seventh century BC, the first forgeries also turned up.