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Five pigs? One drum, please!

The National Bank Museum has two drums in its collection. Acquired from South-East Asia, the objects were regarded by some indigenous communities as the most highly valued means of payment.

Chinese Metallic Money and Cash

Chinese monetary history is a topic that requires readers to leave behind certain concepts that have characterised our money for some time.

Tea: not only a drink, but also a means of payment

Nowadays, commercial transactions are standardized. We pay for goods and services either with coins, notes, electronic or bank money. Nevertheless this has not always been the case.

Paper money, a Chinese invention?

First paper, then paper money. This is pure logic. It is hardly surprising that the first notes or better, the first paper money, appeared in China. With the invention of paper and printing on its account, this country was almost destined to produce the first paper money.

Salt, the white gold?

Today, we use salt to season food, for instance on French fries. But do you know that throughout history salt was used on a far more larger scale than nowadays? And that it was a common means of payment?

Cowry Shells, a trade currency

The Museum of the National Bank is probably not the first thing that crosses your mind when you are talking about shells. And yet, apart from a large number of coins and banknotes it also possesses a nice collection of primitive means of payments. Within this category of traditional money the cowry shell is one the […]