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New 2-euro commemorative coin on display in the Museum

To mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the European Monetary Institute (EMI), the Royal Mint of Belgium decided to mint a commemorative coin of two euros bearing the effigy of its first president, Baron Alexandre Lamfalussy. The coin was officially unveiled on May 9, 2019 -Europe Day- in the presence of Finance Minister […]

Let the Games begin! New medals for the Olympic Games in Rio

2488! This is how many medals there are to win for athletes, over all disciplines, during the Olympic Games. The medals, commonly made of gold, silver or bronze, are the most sustainable ones in the Games’ history.

Invisible women: portrayal of women on Belgian banknotes

Thinking of the Belgian franc, one would most probably remember a banknote bearing the portrait of Magritte or Mercator. These historic characters acted as ambassadors for Belgium. Women were never in the running when it came to selecting people to feature on Belgian banknotes.

New 2-euro coin on display in the museum

The newest Belgian € 2 commemorative coin is dedicated to the centenary of the start of the First World War. As of today, the coin is on display in the National Bank of Belgium’s temporary Museum.

The sound of the Queen Elisabeth competition in our purse

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Queen Elisabeth competition, the Royal Mint is issuing a new coin of two euro. As from today it is on view in the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium.

Euro notes and coins celebrate 10 years

The date of 1 January 2002 was the day of the euro, when 12 countries began using the single currency.

New 2-euro commemorative coin on display in the Museum

The newest 2-euro commemorative coin commemorates ten years of euro banknotes and coins (2002 – 2012).

Each event its own coin.

Since 2004, the countries belonging to the Eurosystem have received, from the European Council, the right to mint commemorative 2€-coins, but only once a year and one per country. These coins are legal tender in the whole euro area. They are struck to commemorate historic or current events of a specific importance.

The Treaties of Rome

“25 March 1957… this will be one of the greatest dates in European history …”
Those were the words pronounced by Paul-Henri Spaak at the time of the signing of the Treaties in Rome by the countries forming the Europe of the Six (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg). The Treaties were an important step towards the unification of Europe.