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Marmaille&Co games packs: an original way of exploring the museum

Marmaille&Co recently launched a new activity for children to enable them to explore the museums while having fun. Games packs are available at the reception desk in museums belonging to the Marmaille&Co network, including the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium.  

This scheme enables your children to explore the museum by means of three amazing games. The first: "It's up to you" lets them observe the museum from various angles using a number of tools which enhance and alter the way they see things: binoculars, magnifying glass, kaleidoscope and many other tools enable you to view the museum in an unprecedented and totally original way!  

The second game, "Tell me dice stories", aims to stimulate your children’s imagination. Dice depicting stories and everyday life invite you to make up a fanciful narrative: let the dice decide the theme of your story and inspire you with the historical ambience of the place!  

And finally, the “Guessing game” lets you get to know the museum’s collection: get your family to make guesses about the items displayed in the museum. But it is not that simple! The game also includes challenge cards to liven up the activity: mime, draw, sing, etc. Are you up to the challenge? 

The Marmaille&Co games packs are offered free of charge throughout the year except in the school holidays. They are available on request in various languages (French, Dutch and English) at the museum reception desk.   

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