Would you like to visit the museum with your family? There is something for all age groups.

For children

In term time:

  • "Investigation at the National Bank museum”

A safe-deposit box has been found in the museum cellars... But without the code to unlock it, no-one can open it to find what treasure it contains. Using a game booklet, children set off in search of clues to enable them to decipher the code. While having fun they learn about the development of means of payment and the roles of the National Bank of Belgium. 

Available in French, Dutch or English.

Price: Free

Age: 7-12 years

Duration: 1 ½ hours

  • Marmaille&Co games packs 

Use the games packs developed by Marmaille&Co to explore the National Bank’s Museum with your family by means of three amazing games: observe, tell fanciful stories, or make guesses about items in our collection.   

Available in French, Dutch or English.

Price: Free, just ask at the museum’s reception desk   

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During the school holidays:

  • An exciting treasure hunt

The museum organises a thematic treasure hunt every school holiday. This summer, starting July 1st 2022, children will have the chance to help Victor the piggy bank to put his farm back on track ! While carrying out different missions, they will meet different animals and… Who knows? Maybe get a nice surprise! 

The game is only available in French or Dutch.

Enfants en visite guidée dans le musée
© Museum of the National Bank of Belgium
Visiteurs dans le parcours historique
© Golazo

For adolescents

Two booklets are available to guide adolescent visitors around the museum. The first one focuses more on history and deals with the development of means of payment. The second, more concerned with economics, examines the main roles of the National Bank of Belgium. The choice is yours!

Available in French or Dutch.