Woven into history – A tapestry of Charles V in the museum of the National Bank of Belgium

Join us fWoven into historyrom 18 May to 27 August to learn more about a craft that took part in the glory of Brussels formerly: the tapestry production. As part of the 100 Masters campaign organized by the Brussels Museums Council, the museum of the National Bank of Belgium has decided to spotlight one of his tapestries.

‘Woven into History’ gives us the opportunity to deal with the issue of money from a different perspective. You will dive into the 16th century and get to know how the economy was organized at that time of Charles V. What was the currency? How was it made? What was the purchasing power? And what were the impacts of wars and of the discovery of the New World on Charles V’s finances?

The 100 Masters campaign is an initiative of the Brussels Museums Council. More than 40 museums are participating to showcase one or more of their masterpieces.

From 18 May we await you all in the museum of the National Bank of Belgium. Also, the museum opens exceptionally on the weekend of 21 and 22 May to that occasion. The entrance is free and the tour is accessible for all ages.


Where? Boulevard de Berlaimont 3, 1000 Brussels
When? From 18 May till 27 August, from 9am till 5pm (exceptionally open 21 and 22 May, from 10am till 5pm)
Tarieven? Free (booklet: €2)

For more information: 02 221 22 06 or museum@nbb.be

Our masterpiece reveals itself

Today, the masterpiece of the museum of the National Bank is still shrouded in a veil of mystery. However, every two weeks on Wednesday, we will reveal a piece of the mystery sharing an interesting fact about the period of Charles V. Click on the framed detail to discover the information.