A tour inside the museum

The museum, housed in a magnificent restored commercial bank building dating from the 19th century, contains a permanent exhibition displaying the most representative items from its collections.

The permanent exhibition is divided into three themed trails:

The story of money

Set off on a historical journey, exploring the development of means of payment, from Mesopotamian clay tablets to the advent of the euro.
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The National Bank of Belgium’s role and functions

Find out about the job of a modern central bank whose watchwords are stability and confidence.
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The Depot: The colours of money

Explore the various forms that money can take via this gallery of documents, objects and art works which all tell a specific story.
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Musée parcours historique
The story of money
Money has not always looked the way it does today. In this tour you can find out about the use of commodity money, the emergence of the first coins, the use of bills of exchange, and the establishment of the National Bank of Belgium. You can also listen to recordings telling about the lives of various historical figures connected with money in one way or another.
Table du changeur
Money changer’s table
What is a table doing in the middle of a museum dedicated to money? This table wasn’t used for dining but for financial transactions...
Did you know?
The top of the table slides back to reveal many treasures...
Table rectangulaire comprenant des rangements
Robrecht Van der Buerse
Robrecht van der Buerse
Robrecht van der Buerse (1265-1320) owned an inn in Bruges which was the favoured meeting place for European merchants. He was so helpful that his name has gone down in history...
Did you know?
The stock exchange (“Bourse”) that we know today takes its name from the Bruges inn Ter Buerse!
Armoiries famille Van der Buerse
Personnes utilisant un jeu
The National Bank of Belgium’s role and functions
Central banks play a key role in the economy. Their main tasks are to ensure price stability and to maintain a reliable financial system. Videos, multimedia installations and games will give you a detailed picture of the National Bank of Belgium and its place in the Eurosystem, and will test your knowledge!
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Banknote issuance
Since 1850 the NBB has been the only institution authorised to issue banknotes in Belgium. It is also responsible for checking their quality.
Did you know?
Banks obtain supplies of banknotes from the NBB. Try out our game at the museum, replenishing cash dispensers...
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Prudential supervision
The National Bank watches over the maintenance of an efficient and reliable financial system. A short video and a game give a better idea of what this prudential supervision actually means.
The Depot: The colours of money
The Depot is full of items that get visitors thinking about the interactions between people and money: poverty, wealth, greed, saving, love and money, reason and emotion … There is also an overview of the unique historical collection of drawings and watercolours produced by various artists for the NBB for the purpose of manufacturing banknotes.
This drum is a musical instrument but it is also an important means of payment for the inhabitants of the island of Alor in Indonesia, primarily for ritual payments but also for buying a house.
Did you know
The museum collection contains over 300 types of commodity money and can be viewed online!
Rouleau de plume
La Sagesse glane (Xavier Mellery)
The Goddess of Wisdom gleaning
This design in watercolour, ink and pencil by the symbolic painter Xavier Mellery is one of the finest specimens in our collection of banknote designs.
Did you know?
Designing a banknote entails several stages: choice of subject, inclusion of security features, etc.
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