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It is also summer holidays for your wallet!

As summer holidays are approaching loads of activities are possible: spending a few days by the seaside, making a trip abroad, taking time to renovate your house… At the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium, summer holidays mean free entrance for everybody during the months of July and August!

Museum Spring Day, 17 May 2009

The Museum of the National Bank of Belgium takes part in the 2009 edition of “Printemps des Musées”, the yearly museum day in the Walloon provinces and in Brussels. The theme of this year: “Colours!”

The Open Day of the Council of the European Union, 9 May 2009

The Museum of the National Bank will participate in the Open Day of the Council of the European Union. On the occasion of Europe Day, which is celebrated each year to mark the anniversary of the 1950 Schuman Declaration, we invite you to come and see for yourself what the Eurosystem does.

Heritage Day 2009

The Museum of the National Bank of Belgium takes part in the 2009 edition of the ‘Erfgoeddag’, the yearly heritage day in Flanders and Brussels. The theme of this year: ‘Out of friendship!

Nový člen eurozóny (a new Euro country)

How many Euro countries are there? Twenty-seven? No, although the European Union has 27 member states since 1 January 2007, the Euro area is not that large. Twelve? Almost, that was the correct answer in 2002. Fifteen then? Until a short while ago this was correct, but we are now in 2009 and that’s the year that the Euro area welcomes its sixteenth member: Slovakia. High time to discover the newest series of Euro coins.

The Athenian drachma, a long tradition … from antique coin to euro

Greeks love their history and the introduction of the euro coins and notes offered them a perfect occasion to pass on this passion to the rest of Europe. With the owl and the olive branch on the national side of their 1 euro coin they underline their rich past, the historic importance of the Athenian city-state and last but not least the fact that Greece is the cradle of European coinage.

One of Julius Caesar’s last coins

There’s hardly any discussion amongst historians that Julius Caesar was a great statesman. He was also the first Roman who dared to depict himself on one of his coins. And even 20 centuries later his name is still on people’s lips and continues to appeal to one’s imagination. Who was this famous ruler?

The oldest Belgian paper money (1837-1850)

In 1830 Belgium was the most industrialised country on the continent. In the period 1830-1848 a very small number of banks financed the Belgian industrial revolution. Each of them had the right to issue paper money.

An unusual postcard

We present you a postcard depicting one of Belgium’s former finance ministers: Camille Gutt (1884-1971). Many people still remember him on account of the post World War II currency reform with which his name is linked: the Gutt operation. But that was not the only remarkable achievement in his long and full career.

1851: The first-born notes of the National Bank

Nowadays, the National Bank of Belgium is the only financial institution authorized to print banknotes in Belgium. However, this has not always been the case. During the first half of the 19th century several banks put their own notes in circulation. The Bank which was founded by law of 5 May 1850 issued its first series in 1851.