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NEW in the teachers’ room

Inflation, deflation, currency, book-entry money or FinTech: the National Bank deals with them every day. But what exactly do these economic concepts and financial terms mean? Short videos and animations in the teachers’ room [1] of the museum explain fifty important  words in a clear and entertaining way. 

The NBB glossary [2] has now become a classic. With a single mouse click you can find the definition of a whole range of words closely connected with the activities of the National Bank. For instance, the term “Inflation” is defined as a “General and persistent rise in prices” and the term “Deflation” as a “General and persistent decline in prices”. In definitions of this kind, each word clearly has a specific meaning,  but the glossary does not explain how or why.

If you want to find the answer, more detailed  information sheets [3] have been available for some time, and now there are the museum’s educational videos [4] as well. Let’s put it to the test: anyone watching the videos on “inflation” and “deflation” does not only find out how the terms are defined but also learns why the Eurosystem’s price stability objective is important for every one of us. The videos also explain current topics not included in either the glossary or the information sheets, such as the concepts of “FinTech” or “stress test”.


Teaching staff can use the glossary, the information sheets and the educational videos to prepare for their visit to the NBB Museum in class or to follow it up. They provide a memory aid for students or pupils, too, after the guided tour.