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Hip hip hooray! The new museum is one year old!

The new NBB Museum is celebrating its first anniversary. After a week of test runs, it was finally time to open the doors: on 15 January 2018 the museum was officially inaugurated in the fully renovated building of the former “Union du Crédit de Bruxelles” bank at Montagne aux Herbes potagères 57. This anniversary is the perfect opportunity to look back over the past year. A few highlights.

It was the governor Jan Smets who on 15 January 2018 presented the new NBB Museum to the press, the invited guests and even to the first young visitors. In his inaugural speech he emphasized that the National Bank seeks to be close to society. “We are fully conscient of the fact that the vast majority of our central bank activities, which are rapidly changing, are far from being understood by everyone. The new museum is the perfect illustration of the key role the NBB plays in society at large, and in the economy in particular,” said the governor.


The blend of economics and history throughout the museum proved popular. In 2018 a total of 26 021 people came to have a look. For many, it was a group outing. They took a conducted tour with one of the museum guides, and going by the sometimes animated discussions and occasional laughter, these tours are certainly not boring.

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The museum’s new design also attracted individual visitors. The sophisticated system of audiovisual and interactive visitor guides with headphones enables all visitors to find their way in the museum at their own pace. They have a choice of four languages: Dutch, French, English or German. A successful approach, as is evident from the comments in the visitors’ book, for instance.

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The museum was keen to take part in some major public events such as the Night and the Late Openings held by the Brussels museums, the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, the national holiday and the car-free Sunday. Fun guaranteed on each occasion!

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During the school holidays, children reign supreme in the museum. Many families successfully completed the treasure hunt, though the tasks they had to perform were sometimes quite difficult. And they involved not only the children but also the parents and grandparents, which is as it should be …

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What will 2019 bring? The museum will continue down the same route and in the new year will again offer a wide range of interesting and fun activities for the general public, and for schools in particular. Make a note now of the night of 23 February, because that is when Museum Night Fever strikes again in the NBB Museum.