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Riches Makes Thieves

It is four hundred and fifty years ago that Pieter Bruegel the Elder (circa 1525-1569) died, leaving behind him an impressive legacy of art work including paintings, drawings and prints. A good opportunity for the Museum to showcase the Fight of the Money Bags and the Coffers, an engraved work based on one of the Flemish artist’s drawings and exhibited in the Museum.

Hip hip hooray! The new museum is one year old!

The new NBB Museum is celebrating its first anniversary. After a week of test runs, it was finally time to open the doors: on 15 January 2018 the museum was officially inaugurated in the fully renovated building of the former “Union du Crédit de Bruxelles” bank at Montagne aux Herbes potagères 57. This anniversary is the perfect opportunity to look back over the past year. A few highlights.

NEW in the teachers’ room

Inflation, deflation, currency, book-entry money or FinTech: the National Bank deals with them every day. But what exactly do these economic concepts and financial terms mean? Short videos and animations in the teachers’ room of the museum explain fifty important words in a clear and entertaining way.