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Want to find out more about the collection of the museum of the National Bank of Belgium? If you do, now’s the time to visit the brand new exhibition! But this is not the only place to discover the treasures of the collection. A number of other museums are currently putting on show some items from the collection in temporary exhibitions. Perhaps a suggestion for an Easter outing?

In the MMM or Mons Memorial Museum you can visit the exhibition ‘À la soupe ! Manger en 14-18’ until 15 April. This exhibition tells a story about the consumption of food and provisioning during the Great War. Some emergency notes were given on loan by the NBBmuseum.

The Musée de l’orfèvrerie is located on the domain of Château de Seneffe and is host to the exhibition ‘La curiosité au XVIIIe siècle’. Until 13 May you can take a look at numerous artifacts, art and documents that will take you back to the century of Enlightenment. A series of medals and pins from 1789-1790, courtesy of the NBBmuseum, are displayed.

The House of European History has extended its exhibition ‘Interactions: centuries of commerce, combat and creation’ until 31 May 2018. In order to support the exposition on trade history, the NBBmuseum has provided a printed ordinance regarding gold and silver coins from 1548 in book form.


M09666 voorzijde

Pin worn by the participants in the Brabant Revolution (inventory number M9966)

M09964 voorzijde

Pin worn by the participants in the Brabant Revolution (inventory number M9964)