The new 50 euro note is here at last!  Share

Following the arrival of the 5, 10 and 20 euro notes from the new series, it is the turn of the 50 euro note to reach our wallets. In circulation since 4 April 2017, the new banknote marks another step forward in the process of making European banknotes even stronger and more secure. The four denominations most commonly used have now been renewed, helping to boost confidence in paper money among their 338 million users. The €50 denomination now accounts for around 45% of the total volume of notes in circulation.


Just like the former denominations, the design of the new €50 banknote has been reworked by Reinhold Gerstetter from Berlin. The new banknote thus keeps to the original “Ages and Styles of Europe” theme, but the graphic design, the colours and the security features have been changed. The banknotes from both series, the 2002 series and the Europa series, are legal tender in the nineteen countries of the euro area.

Among the new security features is the portrait window that has already been used on the new €20 note issued in November 2015. On the top of the hologram, the light shining through this transparent window reveals the portrait of the mythological princess Europa, visible on the front and back of the note. The same portrait also features in the watermark. The Gothic arched window featured on the €20 note has been replaced by a semi-circular arched window typical of the Renaissance era. The portrait window is a major technological breakthrough in the production of banknotes, because it makes them a lot harder to forge.

Do not hesitate to come and find the new €50 note in the NBB’s Museum. We will be pleased to welcome you and show you how to check the authenticity of the new banknote by using the simple feel, look and tilt method.

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