New €50 banknote unveiled  Share

On Tuesday 5 July 2016, the design of the new €50 note was revealed. It will start circulating on the 4 April 2017; the printing works of the National Bank run therefore already at full speed.

Since 2012, the European Central Bank has been releasing a new series of banknotes to ensure the European currency’s stability. The “feel, look and tilt” method still is the best way to verify the authenticity of the notes. These banknotes present new security features to avoid counterfeiting. The new €50 note includes a portrait window that appears while holding the note up to the light and an emerald number changing colour from green to blue when tilted. The €50 is the most widely used euro banknote: almost one note out of two.

Before holding it in your hands, you can enter a competition organised by the ECB. The best players will get a prize. You can participate until 29 August.