The museum remains open during the summer holidays!  Share

The Temporary Museum of the National Bank remains open during the summer months, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. It is located in the avenue de Berlaimont, close to the Grand Place of Brussels and some ten minutes away from the Central Station.

If you plan a visit with your family the Museum is the right place to get a good idea of what the euro is all about, how it got started and where it initially came from. The process for gradually renewing the euro notes started in 2013. Try out the feel, look and tilt test and learn all about the security features of euro banknotes. Print your own banknote and keep it as a souvenir of the Museum.

Take a tour through the halls to discover where the word “salary” originates from and count the number of noughts on a hyperinflation banknote from the 20th century…

Groups as always are welcome and entrance is free for all!

Furthermore, join us until 27 August to learn more about a craft that took part in the glory of Brussels formerly: the tapestry production. The museum has decided to spotlight one of his tapestries: “Salomon and the Queen of Sheba”.

© National Bank of Belgium

© National Bank of Belgium

Woven into History gives us the opportunity to deal with the issue of money from a different perspective. You will dive into the 16th century and get to know how the economy was organized at the time of Charles V.

For more information about summer activities of the Temporary Museum of the National Bank: or 02/221.22.06.