The new €20 banknote has arrived  Share

There it is. A new denomination has been added to the Europa Series: € 20. Issued on the 25 November 2015, the new € 20 banknote is subject to a new display at the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium.

In 2012, the ECB decided to create a new banknotes series making them more secure. Although the theme of different ‘ages and styles’ hasn’t changed, the original design was updated by Reinhold Gerstetter, an independent banknote designer based in Berlin, in order to meet with new and enhanced security features which offer better protection against counterfeiting. This new series also takes into account the seven countries which joined the euro area since 2002. Henceforth the map of Europe on the back of each denomination now includes Malta and Cyprus. The Europa series banknotes are to be introduced gradually. After the issuance of the new € 5 on 2 May 2013 and the new € 10 on 23 September 2014, we can now put the new € 20 banknote in our wallets.

This new banknote is in line with the other banknotes of the Europa Series, both regarding the design as the security features. Moreover, a new security feature has been added: the portrait window. To be seen near the top of the hologram, the window becomes transparent when looking against the light and reveals a portrait of Europa, a mythological princess, on both sides of the banknote. For its introduction, more than 4.3 billion new € 20 euro banknotes have been printed by 8 printing works so as to distribute them in the whole euro area. Don’t worry or hurry. The old banknotes can still be used and exchanged for an unlimited period of time. They will be gradually phased out, analogous to the € 5 and € 10 banknotes.

With this introduction, the ECB opens an online competition for children aged between 9 and 12: “Euro Run Game”. The best 100 players will win a new € 20 banknote displayed in a special engraved glass frame. But why not plan a visit to the museum and discover this new note?

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