Late Night Openings in the Temporary Museum of the National Bank  Share


The Brussels Museums Late Night Openings (Nocturnes) will be back soon. From late September to early December, the Museum of the National Bank and about sixty other museums of Brussels will open their doors to the public in the evening. This year is likely to be a particularly festive  edition. On the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the Nocturnes, this year’s theme is “celebration”.

The Museum of the National Bank will focus on the festive side of the means of payment. What are the traditions and ceremonies where money plays an important role? Which events are represented on our commemorative euro coins? The answer to these questions and to many others will be given in the museum on Thursday 1 October and 29 October from 17.00 to 22.00 during a guided tour of about half an hour.

Do you prefer to explore the museum on your own? For individual visitors we have provided other activities. You can partake in a quiz and win a nice prize. For children, there will be a creative workshop. You can also take along a souvenir of this festive evening by printing bank notes with your photo.

Practical information :

Where: Boulevard de Berlaimont 3, 1000 Brussels
When :

  • 1 October and 29 October, 2015 from 17:00 to 22:00
  • Booking required for guided tours :
    FR: 17.30 + 19.00 + 20.30
    NL: 17.00 + 18.30 + 20.00
    EN: 18.00 + 19.30 + 21.00

Info and Bookings: 02 221 22 06 or