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Late Night Openings in the Temporary Museum of the National Bank

The Brussels Museums Late Night Openings (Nocturnes) will be back soon. From late September to early December, the Museum of the National Bank and about sixty other museums of Brussels will open their doors to the public in the evening. This year is likely to be a particularly festive edition. On the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the Nocturnes, this year’s theme is “celebration”.

Belgium’s founding fathers of €urope

Since 1 January 2002, Belgium has been using a common currency now shared by eighteen other countries: the euro. The historical event marked by that date is an integral part of the history of European integration. It is thanks to the will of a few forward-looking statesmen from different countries with visions of peace and unity that the idea of a European Union could be taken forward to actually become a reality and ultimately lead to the single currency. In this month’s “Spotlight”, we take a closer look at Belgian figureheads who have played key roles – to a greater or lesser extent – in both the process of European integration and the establishment of the euro.