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Pointillism in the digital era: Robert Silvers’ photomosaic

Anyone who has visited the Temporary Museum must have noticed a gigantic 500-euro banknote there. This banknote appeals to one’s imagination, as it measures 1.20 metres in height and 2.30 metres in width. When standing closer, you can see that it consists of thousands of other banknotes.

Annual closing: from 24 December 2014 till 1 January 2015

The Temporary Museum of the National Bank of Belgium is closed during the Christmas period.from Wednesday 24 December 2014 till Thursday 1 January 2015.

There’s a cow in the museum!

After all the banknotes and coins on display at the National Bank of Belgium’s Temporary Museum, in the fifth room a large cow makes a sudden appearance. But just what is this animal doing here?