Economics within everyone’s reach at La Villette  Share

The economy… The mere mention of this word often strikes fear into people’s hearts. An abstract entity, generally perceived as being rather technical and merciless, that puts our lives under pressure in these times of crisis. And yet, the economy is an underlying factor behind all aspects of day-to-day life, and that’s not just in politics! Through our own decisions, we citizens can have an influence on it too.

To help people to gain a better understanding of the set-up of economic mechanisms, the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris is holding a temporary exhibition under the banner of “L’économie: krach, boom, mue ?“. It will give you a chance to broach these issues from an educational and recreational angle (videos, games, animation, etc.), so that when you come out of the exhibition, the key concepts of economics will no longer hold any secrets for you! The exhibition, organised in partnership with the Banque de France, revolves around three themes: “Who makes up the economy?”, “How does the economy work?” and “What state is the world in?”.

Come and see the exhibition in La Villette up to 5 January 2014:

But before that, and a bit closer to home, a little trip to the National Bank’s Museum would give you a head start by refreshing your memory on all these issues!