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On the 12th December 2012 it will be exactly 300 years that Charles Alexander of Lorraine, governor of the Austrian Netherlands, saw the light of day. All the more reason, people thought in Tervuren, to commemorate this event with an extensive exhibition in the Museum ‘Hof van Melijn’. A pen drawing from the collection of the museum of the National Bank of Belgium can be seen in this exhibition.

Charles of Lorraine descended from the ducal line of ‘Lotharingen and Bar’, and became the brother-in-law of the Austrian Empress Maria-Theresia through the marriage of his brother Francis. She appointed him as governor of the Southern Netherlands from 1741 to 1780.

Even though he did not accomplish a great deal on the military field, he did manage to realize a lot more on cultural level. It was during his reign that his residence on the current Brussels Museum square, was constructed, and the Kings Square and the New Street were built. In Tervuren he also started a boom in the construction industry.

The museum of the National Bank of Belgium contributed to the exhibition ‘Charles of Lorraine and Tervuren’. A washed pen drawing depicting the centre of Tervuren was lent out for this occasion.
On the fore, a procession with two carriages, probably of Charles of Lorraine and his cortege, heading for the ducal palace.

Practical information

Where? Municipal museum ‘Hof van Melijn’, Melijndreef 6, Tervuren

When? 19 October 2012 – 20 January 2013

Opening hours? Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 14 till 17 hour. Rest of the week by appointment.

Information? www.tervuren.be/karelvanlorreinen

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