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L’été au Musée: à la chasse au diamant!

Vous cherchez à occuper vos têtes blondes cet été? Venez donc faire un tour au Musée! L’équipe des guides y organise une fabuleuse chasse au trésor. Avec quelques belles surprises à la clé.

Money and assets of our ancestors. New archaeological research

Coins, status differentiation, everyday life: these are fascinating subject matters for archaeologists. This has once again been proved in two recently published surveys.
They offer us new insights into the research of our past, more specifically the Gallo-Roman era and the Neolithic.

Biography of a banknote

We are all very familiar with banknotes because we handle them every day. whether sitting in our pockets, tucked away in wallets or just an entry in our bank accounts, they are part of day-to-day life. But, at the end of the day, we really know very little about them. Who makes them, for instance? Who decides when and where they go into circulation? How long do they last? What happens to a banknote at the end of its life? To mark the tenth anniversary of the arrival of euro banknotes, the new “in the Spotlight” takes a look at the life of this all-too- familiar means of payment.