NBB archives go digital  Share

The NBB has digitalized part of her archives. All 153 Annual Reports and all 86 volumes of the Economic Review are currently available on-line. This is the outcome of a project of digitalization which started in 2008.



And it has produced more than 240 000 pages to be browsed through by historians, teachers, students or everyone who might be interested. A veritable treasure-trove of information can be found about the history of the National Bank, both as a company and her governance, as about the economic and monetary history of Belgium.

With just one click you can access both sets of information on our website.

The Annual Reports of 1851-2011 are available on www.nbb.be>publications and research>annual reports. Initially they were only published in French; from 1926 also in Dutch, and since 1952 in English.

The first Bulletin d’information et de documentation was published in June 1926 exclusively in French. The Dutch version kicked off in 1937, and the English started in 2004. The Economic Review contains analyses and articles by a great many renowned specialists and economists. If you are interested: www.nbb.be>publications and research>economic and financial publications>economic review.

Here already two impetus to get you started: the report of 1945 (DutchFrench) about the period between 1940-1945 with lots of facts about the monetary situation during and immediately after World War II. Or even: the Bulletin from 1950 (DutchFrench) in which governor Frère elaborates on the centenary of the National Bank.