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Night at the Museum

[1]On the 3th of March, Museum Night Fever will be braving the wintry weathers once again to offer you a wild night! 24 Brussels museums and over 500 young people have let their creativity run free to concoct a seismic programme for you: pop/rock/folk concerts, games, installations, dance, performances and a lot discoveries. Nothing will be left out! An excellent opportunity to explore the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium in a very entertaining way.

What is on the menu that night at number 10, rue du Bois Sauvage ?

You can buy your MNF Pass in advance at the counter of the Museum. Prices up to and including 2/3: €8; on Saturday 3/3: € 12.

1 Pass = 24 museums + STIB shuttle.

www.museumnightfever.be [2]