New 2-euro commemorative coin on display in the Museum  Share

The newest 2-euro commemorative coin commemorates ten years of euro banknotes and coins (2002 – 2012).

Ten years ago, on 1 January 2002, euro banknotes and coins were introduced in 12 Member States of the European Union. Five more Member States have adopted the euro in recent years, so a total of 17 Member States now use the currency.

The design of the new coin is the result of a competition that was open to citizens from all euro area countries. It symbolises the way in which the euro has become a true global player over the past ten years, as well as its importance in day-to-day life, with various aspects being depicted: people, trade, industry and energy.

The new 2-euro commemorative coin is jointly issued by all 17 euro countries. So far, there are three commemorative coins that the euro countries have issued jointly.

The coin is available to the public through the normal channels, including the counters of the National Bank of Belgium in Brussels or at one of its branches.