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Economia – The Monetary Policy Game

Have you ever wondered what exactly monetary policy is? Or how the key interest rate affects inflation? €CONOMIA will help you understand these basics of central banking. Your goal is to keep inflation low, at just under 2%, and stable. The interest rate decisions you take can achieve that – but they can also cause inflation to slow down or to rise sharply. Achieving a balance between the two extremes is not easy.

€CONOMIA is a game that explains, in a simplified way, how monetary policy works. The game does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Central Bank or any other central bank in the euro area.

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8 October 2011: iPad/iPhone version goes live

€conomia can now be played on the move. Simply download the app and off you go. The goal and functionalities remain the same as in the browser version, but with your iPad or iPhone you can take your monetary policy decisions literally anywhere!

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4 May 2011: New enhanced version

Projections and history of money growth, now both longer, will help you even more in anticipating future developments. Careful though: your score will suffer more than before if inflation varies too much.