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The NBB Museum wins Public Prize

Museum Prize 2010 [1] Nominated by a jury of specialists as one of the five Brussels-based candidates for this year’s Museum Prize, the National Bank of Belgium’s Museum did not scoop this prestigious award in the end. But, far better than any consolation prize, it was meanwhile chosen as the public’s favourite.

Founded in 2006, the Museum Prize [1] is awarded each year to an establishment in each of the country’s Regions, taking as the main criterion the efforts made by the selected institutions to involve the public in their work and to renew and diversify their attendance. Particular emphasis is put on activities targeting segments of the public that are hardest to mobilise and the more vulnerable categories of society such as children, the elderly, the handicapped and those of foreign origin, etc.

The jury noted that the National Bank’s Museum had no less than 29,365 visitors passing through its doors in 2009. The wide range of educational material deployed, as well as the Museum’s dynamism – reflected among other things by its active involvement in all initiatives taken by the network of Brussels museums – did not escape the jury’s scrutiny either.

At the end of the day, it was the Cinémathèque [2] (nowadays called the “Cinematek”) that won the 2010 Museum Prize for the Brussels-Capital Region. But, for our Museum, it was no mean feat to be nominated along with such illustrious museums as the Magritte Museum [3], the Van Buuren Museum [4] and the Horta Museum [5]. By voting en masse for it, the public at large has given the whole NBB Museum team a perfect reward for all their hard work and limitless energy and enthusiasm.