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And what does Chen Zhaoxi think about the Museum?

Museum Talks is a project of the Brussels Museum Council. The museums of Brussels receive visitors from countries all over the world, and about 140 of them made a comment about their favorite object in their favorite museum. You can share their enthusiastic view on these objects in 25 languages by listening to

New 2-euro commemorative coin on display in the Museum

The newest Belgian 2-euro commemorative coin is dedicated to Louis Braille (1809 – 1852) and the 200th anniversary of his birthday.

Art or money. The world of Jacques Charlier.

Can art save the world? This is a question which already made many generations of artists, curators and spectators think deep. The question stayed in spite of all this attention unanswered, and maybe it is even better so. Ensor ou le sens des images makes however, as it seems, fun of this whole discussion. Is it possible that the specific view of the Liegois artist Jacques Charlier is to blame?