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Visions of Hope

Can art change the world? ‘Art for Social Change’ and its initiator Rini Hartman believe it can. In the exhibition ‘8 Visions of Hope’ the Dutch artist and traveller presents his artistic interpretation of the Millennium Development Goals.

The exhibition comprises eight photo compositions on canvas. Each work is connected with one of the eight Millennium Goals whereby, in 2000, the UN member states undertook to halve the number of people living in extreme poverty by 2015. Visions of Hope

A museum focusing on money and economics must include the North-South divide. This exhibition offers the opportunity for that and provides food for thought: on the UN definition of ‘extreme poverty’ (anyone living on a maximum of 1.25 USD per day is regarded as extremely poor), on the importance of microfinance and microcredit institutions in the South, on the role of the World Bank, on the promise by the rich countries to donate at least 0.7 % of their GNP in development aid, or on the impact of the economic crisis on the Millennium Goals.


12.09.2009 – 13.12.2009
Daily from 10.00 to 18.00
Closed on Mondays


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www.8visionsofhope.org [3]
www.un.org/millenniumgoals [4]
www.youthink.worldbank.org [5]