(Nederlands) Zoek mee naar Emma’s verloren schatten

(Nederlands) Op zoek naar een leuke activiteit tijdens de schoolvakantie met het hele gezin? Het museum van de Nationale Bank neemt deze zomervakantie deel aan Schatten van Vlieg. Duik met de Vlieg ruim 100 jaar terug in de tijd en maak kennis met Emma, een graag geziene klant bij de bank (Union du Crédit de Bruxelles) waar nu het nieuwe museum gevestigd is. Ze heeft jullie hulp nodig om de verloren code van haar kluisje terug te vinden!

Europe Day

Europe Day is celebrated on 9 May each year. On that day we commemorate the declaration made by Robert Schuman in 1950. Robert Schuman was the French Minister for Foreign Affairs who on 9 May 1950 gave a speech leading to the foundation of the European Coal and Steel Community. This event marked the beginning of European unification. The NBBmuseum highlights different facets of the European story and mainly focuses on the role Belgium has played in this tale.

Ascension Day closure

The Museum will be closed on Thursday 10 May and Friday 11 May.

The wondrous story of Madame de Nettine

On 5th May the NBB celebrates its 167th birthday. It might just as well have been its 256th birthday, if Barbe-Louis-Josèphe de Nettine (1706-1755) had not put a stop to that. The NBBmuseum gives an account of the events.

New study on Paul van Zeeland

The monetary and financial history of the inter-war years is one of the most evocative parts of the NBB Museum. “From uncontrolled economic booms to deep depression” is how the period could be summed up. The role played at this time by Paul van Zeeland (1893-1973) as an economist, central banker and politician is quite remarkable. A newly released research paper throws new light on his ideas.

(Nederlands) Speurtocht in het museum…

(Nederlands) Kom tijdens de paasvakantie meedoen met de speurtocht in het museum van de Nationale Bank. Help privédetective Jeroen om de code van de kluis te ontcijferen!

The NBBmuseum extra muros

Want to find out more about the collection of the museum of the National Bank of Belgium? If you do, now’s the time to visit the brand new exhibition! But this is not the only place to discover the treasures of the collection. A number of other museums are currently putting on show some items from the collection in temporary exhibitions. Perhaps a suggestion for an Easter outing?

Museum Night Fever

The Museum takes part in the Museum Night Fever event on Saturday 3th of March, from 7 pm till Sunday 2 am and seizes the opportunity to allow everybody discovering the new scenography in a special manner.

(Nederlands) Sla je slag met Krokuskriebels in het nieuwe museum van de Nationale Bank van België

(Nederlands) Het nieuwe museum van de Nationale Bank van België neemt opnieuw deel aan Krokuskriebels, een initiatief van de Gezinsbond.

The new museum opens its doors on 8 January 2018

The National Bank has a museum since 1982. On 8 January 2018 it reopens its doors in the rue Montagne aux Herbes potagères/Warmoesberg 57 in Brussels. The museum has found a new home in the building of a 19th century bank, which was restored to its former glory some years ago.